Wirepas embedded

Integrated into battery-powered devices, the Wirepas Mesh technology allows the devices to spontaneously create and maintain an ultra-reliable, large scale wireless network for a zonal grade (meter-accurate) indoor localization and inventory.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Avoid Crowd Gathering



Track Members or Devices



Environment Monitoring



Use Cases

Smart Factory

Sensors attached to devices and machines help collect distinct data in pre-defined condition, providing instant visibility into line manager.

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Smart Office

Seat availability check in hybrid office and find your colleagues, as well as to make sure a safe working environment.

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Smart Hospital

To be notified when patient is out of range or entering the restricted area; data acquisition of equipment analysis and patient movement history.

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A Smart Devices Product Line

For the creation or modification of your Wirepas mesh network, a wide variety of devices in different form factors are available for selection to cope with different requirements and demands from real practices.



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